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< ひざのいたみ、こかんせつのうごきのわるさ...

40's male I am a dancer. Since I felt painful in my knees, I was worried that my hips were not moving well. After treatment,  I was surprised that not only my pain went away but also the dance performance was very high.Now teachers in my class also attend.

< わきばらのいたみ、ねこぜ...

50's men I came to treat for my painful rib sides.   I also was worried about the bent back , so I went to cure the bent back  after the painful rib side was cured. After treatment, not only the bent back but also the tightened internal organs and the bad posture were improved. Thank you!

< 70だいじょせい

70s female I can not walk without a cane after intracerebral hemorrhage 10 years ago. I had the paralyzed side loosened every day for ten days. Then I can walk without a cane. I'm really surprised. It will be easier to do rehabilitation. I had already thought that it was no useful because it has been over 10 years. I'm happy.

< おなかのはり、はらのちょうしがわるい...

30's male My belly was tensional and my condition was not well. Men were told that their back and hip joint were weak unlike women. I had a strong touch muscles on my back, belly and hip joint.   My belly has improved completely.

< くびがみぎにまわらない

30's male My neck has stopped turning to the right. My neck is painful and I have been taking painkillers all the time. After treatment, the stiff joints and muscles of neck and shoulders are relaxed. I can turn my neck.


I have suffered from low back pain for several months and then sitting for about 30 minutes is painful due to sitting all day I also do not receive treatment anywhere just practicing yoga at home I often feel numb from the shoulder to my fingers and feeling numbness After finishing one course I did not feel numb in my arms and legs anymore although my shoulder and hips were still a bit painful. But movement like bending or sitting feels much better and easier


I have to drive a car all day. There is heaviness from neck to shoulder. It feels good to squeeze and crack my neck. But when I came here I was told that it was no good. Now I had my neck and shoulders relaxed and very easier to move. 


2 months ago I had suffered from a chronic pain in waist and can not get rid of it. The muscles of the belly were too tight and too hard to stretch. The therapist was struggling but finally It became quite light after about 4 times receiving treatment and there was no hindrance to my daily life after that.