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knee ligament

Causes of knee ligament stretching The knee joint is a large joint of the body, held steady by a system of ligaments, joint capsules, menisci and muscles surrounding it. The ligament system includes the anterior cruciate ligament, posterior cruciate ligament and two lateral ligaments. The two very strong lateral ligaments, along with the...
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Arthritis of the hip

Arthritis of the hip is the main cause of fever, headache, discomfort in the groin, even the whole body. Recognizing hip pain outside of time will help you have early treatment measures, avoiding dangerous complications.
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Injuries of golf

Common Injuries While Playing Golf  Here are 9 common injuries that golfers should watch out for.
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1. What is cervical spondylosis? Cervical spondylosis is a degenerative joint disease that describes a condition in which the spine in the neck is weakened due to many causes. The disease is started by inflammation and calcium deposition on the ligaments around the spine.
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‼️‼️04 Unpredictable Complications of Cervical Disc Herniation ‼️‼️

‼️‼️04 Unpredictable Complications of Cervical Disc Herniation ‼️‼️ Feeling the neck is a bit stiff and painful when moving, the dull pain spreads down the shoulder ... is a sign of progression of cervical disc herniation. The pain can visit and go, so many people subjectively for untreated, until the disease gets worse, it can...
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RECOMMENDATIONS WHEN USING THE ORTHOPEDIC MANIPULATION METHOD WHICH MAKING “CRACK” SOUND!!! 1. What is the “crack” sound while breaking and adjusting joints? Contrary to popular belief, bones move or collide with each other to create a sound. The “crack” we often hear is actually caused by air bubbles...
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