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Sciatica pain

Sciatica pain Sciatica pain is the popular symptom now, appear in the 30 to 60 age people. If you can be not treated, you will be reduced the function of movement, affect to your life seriously.
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Plantar fasciitis which cause the pain in heel  This is a common diseases in Vietnam!
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Acute low back

Acute low back What is  Acute low back?  Acute low back pain is a suddenly pain in the back that makes it difficult to move the back and hip joints. Walking, changing lying position is difficult, the pain increases when moving the back area. The Pain may be accompanied by numbness if there is sciatic nerve...
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What is HEADACHE behind the Neck? The Causes?

What is HEADACHE behind the Neck? The Causes? The headache behind the neck is the symptoms of stiffness Muscles, which is caused by the disorder of the nerve. This symptoms happen in other ages. The headache can spread to the temples or to the shoulders, chest ... the pain level from mild to severe, lasting dullness. The Japanese doctor show...
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2. WARNING the pain from shoulders to Arm!

WARNING the pain from shoulders to Arm The doctors from JAPAN Chiropractic have some warnings:       If you have the pain from shoulders to arms more and more serious, you may be have the symptoms of Bone and joints.
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jaw dislocation

What should we do with the jaw dislocation when yawning?
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