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Acute low back

What is Acute low back?

 Acute low back pain is a suddenly pain in the back that makes it difficult to move the back and hip joints. Walking, changing lying position is difficult, the pain increases when moving the back area. The Pain may be accompanied by numbness if there is sciatic nerve compression. 

Some cases of the pain we can not move the back and walk difficultly. Needs crutches or a wheelchair for mobility.

Acute low back
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Causes of acute back pain

 Suddenly changes weather.

 the nature of the job, you have to sit and stand a lot.

 Do exercise, yoga, gym, playing sports, ... in the wrong way.

 Suddenly movements.

 People with a history of acute pain.

 Curvature of the spine.

 Degeneration and herniation of discs.

There are some cases in women with acute back pain before or during menstruation.

How to do right away when you have acute back pain

 Try to rest.

 Do not walk or exercise strongly

 Light movement, when moving, you need a belt to support your back, or hip joints.

 Go to the doctor, check to rule out the cause of pain due to herniated disc.

 Go to the clinic, hospital specializing in muscle, bone and joints for treatment.

 Do not play sports for 2 weeks after the acute pain is gone. Do not try to stretch the back by yourself.

 Do not apply heat to the back area.

 You can gently exercise groups of muscles in the hip, abdomen and lumbar spine support muscles (lumbosacral muscles). Muscle image below.

Muscles of the anterior thigh

 Muscles support for spine (Pelvic lumbosacral muscles)

Buttock muscles

If you have symptoms of acute low back pain, please contact the RAKU RAKU center by methods below:

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