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The cause of lower back pain

In many cases, back pain related to degenerative diseases of the spine, this is a call to indicate the vertebral aging losing the structure and function of normal over time, often occurs in the joints, intervertebral discs and spine as they age.
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Advices for whom had chronic pains

There are two main causes of a herniated disc: spinal degeneration and trauma.Frequent injuries such strong advocacy, suddenly, carry heavy loads, falls, slips ... can directly cause spinal disc herniation. One of the ways to prevent back pain and herniated disc of the lumbar spine is most efficient to keep the body in proper position...
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5 unexpected reasons for a herniated disc in young people now

It is not only middle-aged and elderly with a herniated disc. The disease tends to increase in young people under 35 years old.
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How to avoid Herniation

The are many people with Herniation. This is The best way to prevent Herniation.
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