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  1. What should we do with the jaw dislocation when yawning?

jaw dislocation
February 26, 2021 - View: 374
  1.  What should we do with the jaw dislocation when yawning?

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) which is between the mandibular bone and the skull bone, plays an important role in the chewing system. For some reason, it is dislocated, worn protruding bone affects the cartilage disc, making mouth movement  become difficult, there fore patients feel pain when opening their mouth or hear a clumping noise while chewing.

Laughter or sudden yawning can also cause the temporomandibular joint to deflect, which is called the jaw dislocation.

We Should not control the jaw correction, this is very dangerous, if the manipulation is wrong way, it will be more severe, even causing distorted mouth.

Therefore, Let to see a doctor who specializes in osteoarthritis as soon as you have the following symptoms:

  •       Have difficult in eating, drinking, swallowing or breathing
  •       The pain makes it difficult to move your mouth
  •       Have Inflammation, swelling or fever
  •       The pain will disappear when have the liquid like salt or bad smell in mouth

 Osteoarthritis specialist will use his hands to correct deviations in the temporomandibular joints, reduce pressure, reduce pain, and bring the bite into balance.

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