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There are many causes of neck and shoulders pain, almost 80 % people with pain from neck and shoulders. 

The cause of Neck and Shoulder Pain
May 06, 2020 - View: 868

The causes of neck and shoulders pain 

  • Poor posture which leads to pain 
  • Shoulder-blade movement  disorders : This occurs when you work too long time in one position or continuous hand movement.
  •  Rotator cuff tendinitis in the shoulder joint: Occurs when you play sports, hand over a strong lead to tendon in the shoulder joint injury.

  • Tuberculosis: Tuberculous bacteria attack the joints causing inflammation of the spine leading to dull shoulder pain.


  • Neurological disorders: Fatigue of neck and shoulder fatigue can occur due to nerves running through the shoulder area is over-stretched or injured.
  • Injury: Shoulders and neck injuries such as heavy knocks or poor exercise can cause neck and shoulder pain


  • Sitting air-conditioner too cold, wind blowing on the nape
  • Napping on desk
  • Using computer in along time 
  • Driving with poor posture
  • Sleep with high pillow 

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